Open Source Software: How Far Does It Stretch?

Posted December 12, 2000 | Leadership | Leadership | Amplify

The open source software movement has been catapulted into the limelight over the last two years, as a series of successful projects have captured the attention of corporate America. For example, the Linux operating system, poster-child of the open source movement, took shape in 1991 alongside the GNU Project to develop a freely available operating system.

About The Author
Alan MacCormack
Alan MacCormack is a Fellow with Cutter Consortium. Dr. MacCormack is an Associate Professor in the Technology & Operations Management Unit at the Harvard Business School, where his research examines the management of technology and innovation in high-technology industries, with a particular focus on the software industry. Dr. MacCormack's work explores the dynamics of product development in these industries as well as the mechanisms by… Read More
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