Partnerships Are Key to Achieving a Nature Positive Future

Posted December 5, 2022 | Sustainability | Amplify
nature partnerships
Colleen Corrigan talks about the ways in which businesses can act for nature. They can make pledges. They can track policies. They can hire biodiversity experts. They can act in a place-based way to effect change. Corrigan lays out the enabling environment for effective public-private partnerships where trust, reputation, and stakeholder engagement are foundational. She explores various approaches used by global groups and highlights the importance of local and indigenous knowledge to any partnership.
About The Author
Colleen Corrigan
Colleen Corrigan is a Senior Sustainability Advisor for Pure Strategies, where she works with corporate clients on developing strategies to promote sustainability in operations, value chains, material selection, and natural resource management. Dr. Corrigan focuses on helping companies set science-based targets for nature to protect and regenerate biodiversity. Her work in this area helps businesses understand their environmental impacts and… Read More
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