On the Path to Achieve the Benefits of Agile

Posted May 20, 2021 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence
On the Path to Achieve the Benefits of Agile
In the course of “going Agile,” you will eliminate old processes, practices, and mindsets. This Advisor offers keen advice on how to avoid marginalizing the people who are experts in the previous way of working. Success depends on everyone in your organization understanding the vision, the why, and the road to get there.
About The Author
Cheryl Crupi
Cheryl Crupi is founder and leader of the MetLife Global Lean-Agile Center of Excellence, where she strives to establish and activate a corps of confident, adaptive, and innovative MetLife Agilists in 40+ countries. For the past 15 years, she has been an Agile change champion promoting Lean-Agile practices in Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Crupi has over 25 years’ experience in the delivery of technology solutions in a broad range of fast-paced,… Read More
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