The Path Toward a Nature Positive Business

Posted December 5, 2022 | Sustainability |
nature positive path
Margot Greenen and Tom Butterworth examine how the nature agenda is trending in global conversations and emerging as an issue equal to climate. The authors know that the details of nature positive can be hard to pin down, so they offer examples of different definitions focused on targets, processes, or concepts.
About The Author
Margot Greenen
Margot Greenen is a Consultant for the Natural Capital and Biodiversity team at WSP UK. She leads the development of WSP’s nature positive work, including coauthoring the UK Business and Biodiversity Forum’s Nature Positive Business Pledge as well as working on the development of WSP’s nature positive strategy. Ms. Greenen also supports a range of biodiversity and natural capital–related projects. She has particular experience in corporate… Read More
Tom Butterworth
Tom Butterworth is the Head of Ecology for WSP UK with extensive experience in natural capital and biodiversity assessments. WSP has initiated nature positive measures and outcomes across many high-profile projects, particularly in the energy, road, and rail sectors. Mr. Butterworth supports clients in public and private sectors in meeting their objectives and targets for development together with their objectives for nature. He has more than 23… Read More
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