Picture This: Using 3D Visual Analytics to Explore Complex Temporal Data

Posted May 19, 2017 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify

In recent years, visual analytics (VA) has been introduced to represent massive multidimensional temporal data with various visual encodings. VA combines automated analysis techniques with interactive visualizations to enable effective understanding, reasoning, and decision making on the basis of very large and complex data sets. 

About The Author
Jerry Cristoforo
Jerry Cristoforo is an Adjunct Professor and Vice Director at the Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center, China, responsible for envisioning and developing research capabilities in the domain of blockchain. He is also Chief Scientist for Insigma Hengtian Software LTD, a joint venture between State Street and the Insigma Corporation that provides financial technology services to global and mainland China financial institutions. In this… Read More
Qiao Huang
Qiao Huang is a PhD student in the College of Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University. His research interests include mining software repositories and empirical software engineering. He can be reached at
Zhiyu Peng
Zhiyu Peng is Principal Engineer at Insigma Hengtian, a joint venture of State Street Corporation and Insigma Corporation in China. Dr. Peng has been driving the innovation activities and incubating R&D topics in Hengtian, and his research focuses on big data, data mining, and data visualization. He can be reached at
Xiaohu Yang
Xiaohu Yang is Executive Vice Dean and Professor of the College of Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University. Dr. Yang is the cofounder of State Street Zhejiang University Technology Centre, a joint research center set up in 2001 between State Street Corporation and Zhejiang University for advanced research and development of global financial software systems and technologies. Dr. Yang’s research focus includes software engineering… Read More
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