Gain Advantage with Strategy-Aligned Portfolio Management

Posted July 7, 2021 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
portfolio management
Portfolio management is a valuable capability for the execution of corporate strategy. However, results often fail to meet expectations. But overcoming overoptimistic expectations and poor execution is less challenging with a realistic roadmap and framework. To be truly effective, portfolio management should be an extension and execution of corporate strategy, as is explored in this Advisor.
About The Author
Brian Seitz
Brian K. Seitz is Managing Director of Intellectual Arbitrage, a business management and technology consulting firm, and Senior Consultant/Researcher at Cyon Research. He specializes in business performance improvement of corporations and business units. Over the last 20+ years, Mr. Seitz has served in various technical strategy roles within Microsoft Consulting Services and IT, Satory Global, DMR/Fujitsu IBM, and Rockwell International NAAO. In… Read More
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