Power of Drudgery, Power of Agency, Power of Strategy

Posted June 30, 2007 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

It's an odd dichotomy that while most of us want to align our work with company strategy, the discussions surrounding corporate strategy seem to avoid relevant business guidance. I hear advocates claim that strategy must be abstract (i.e., unrelated to daily decisions); that it only includes grand corporate plans; and that developing strategy requires education, credentials, or at least high-level support and authorization.

About The Author
Victor Rosenberg
Victor Rosenberg is currently a dilettante and expensive computer consultant, but this article relies on his 45 years of executive experience in the investment, insurance, and computer industries. He holds a doctorate in strategy and a master's degree in technology planning (both from Boston University), as well as a bachelor's degree from MIT. He has been a professor at Northeastern University and the CEO of several successful financial and… Read More
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