Privacy, Blockchain, and Why the Industry Needs a Spanner

Posted May 9, 2018 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
Stakeholder groups within blockchain  and distributed ledger technology.

As businesses adopt blockchain technologies, the eco­sphere is going to need a specified intermediary agent whose core function is to manage disparate motives, ideologies, and inclinations. If left unaddressed, tensions may morph into enacted tribalism, and a major disjunct will appear between stakeholder groups — potentially stopping the so-called revolution in its tracks.

About The Author
Robin Renwick
Robin Renwick is a researcher with the University College Cork (UCC)/State Street Advanced Technology Centre. He is currently researching privacy in blockchain technology. Dr. Renwick earned a PhD from Queen’s University Belfast, where his research focused on developing, designing, and analyzing specific topologies for network music. He can be reached at 117223923 and at umail dot ucc dot ie.
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