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Project Initiatives Not Working? Look Beyond the Methodology

Posted December 31, 2010 | Technology |

Groups apply different methodologies hoping to successfully complete important, innovative, and meaningful work, but their projects do not always reach their full potential. These methodologies independently address how individuals interact in collaboration for organizational effectiveness, business management, or technology advances.

About The Author
Joanna Zweig
Joanna Zweig was an independent consultant and CEO of Integral Systems Response, Inc. Her research on Group Coherence revealed a way to learn about the capabilities of collective consciousness that guides successful collaboration beyond a group's initial expectations; her work covered the many of the things classical software models don’t explain. Dr. Zweig worked as a project manager in IT on enterprise initiatives in large businesses. She also… Read More
Priya Marsonia
Priya Marsonia is VP of Delivery at the Advanced Technology Group (ATG). She brings over a decade of leadership experience in the management of significant software and IT back-office integration programs, telecommunications deployments, and process development. Ms. Marsonia's significant applied expertise includes delivering successful solutions spanning 25 companies of various sizes in multiple domains. Prior to joining ATG, she has held… Read More
Cesar Idrovo
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