Project Management 2.0: Using Agile, Enterprise 2.0, and Other Modern Methods to Manage Today's Projects

Posted April 30, 2008 | Leadership |

"The prevailing traditional project management paradigm is, at best, struggling to deliver to the increasing expectations of business and government clients. At worst, it has become increasingly focused inward on certification, bureaucracy, and formal complexity."

-- Rob Thomsett, Guest Editor

About The Author
Rob Thomsett
Rob Thomsett is one of Cutter Consortium founding Fellows. He served on the editorial board of Cutter IT Journal (now Cutter Business Technology Journal) and a regular speaker and keynoter at Cutter Summits. A thought leader in agile project management, Mr. Thomsett currently works with New Zealand–based Fronde — a leader in agile development methods — in implementing agile project management cultures and approaches in two major organizations… Read More
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