Promoting Gender Equality at the Leadership Level

Posted January 13, 2022 | Leadership |
Group of business people in silhouette on blue background, most are men.
The increases of women in senior or executive roles over the past two decades have been less than inspiring. It would seem, therefore, that although leadership literature has played a significant role in raising the profile of women in management, much needs to happen in actual board rooms and manage­ment suites in order to advance the careers of women in leadership positions.
About The Author
Keren Joseph Browning
Keren Joseph-Browning is Global HR Director at Arthur D. Little. She is an internationally experienced senior HR professional who understands and appreciates business needs with more than 20 years’ proven ability to get quick results through astute leadership. Ms. Joseph-Browning is passionate about strategic business partnership, providing proactive support and initiative to help drive organizational success. She has extensive knowledge and… Read More
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