Protecting & Promoting Natural Systems: A Crucial Step Forward for Business & Community

Posted December 5, 2022 | Sustainability | Amplify
natural systems
Alison Shaw and Kacia Tolsma explore how nature can contribute solutions to the climate crisis by supporting community-resilience efforts that not only address climate but also support a plethora of interrelated issues like ecological, cultural, and services values. They introduce nature-based solutions as actions to protect and restore ecosystems that simultaneously benefit people and nature.
About The Author
Alison Shaw
Alison Shaw is a scientist and practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience in pioneering climate change and sustainability research-to-practice approaches. As Executive Director of ACT (Action on Climate Team) at Simon Fraser University, Canada, Dr. Shaw advances low carbon resilience approaches and nature-based solutions to ensure that “climate action that multi-solves” is mainstreamed into policy, planning, strategy, and operational… Read More
Kacia Tolsma
Kacia Tolsma is Low Carbon Resilience (LCR) Program Manager at ACT (Action on Climate Team) at Simon Fraser University, Canada. She is passionate about mobilizing practical LCR resources to support public and private sector organizations to mainstream the issues of risk, emissions, and co-benefits across strategy and process, using nature-based solutions as a flagship LCR strategy. Ms. Tolsma earned a master’s degree in resource and… Read More
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