Executive Update

The Psychological Contract in Outsourcing: Harnessing the Value

Posted December 1, 2015 | Leadership |

A psychological contract is a construct comprising an indi­vidual’s assumptions and beliefs about what each party to a contract must do and how they are to do it. All individuals in both parties have their own unique psychological versions of that contract, which makes managing expectations quite challenging. In this Update, we explore the topic of harnessing the value of the psychological contract.

About The Author
Sara Cullen
Dr. Sara Cullen is a Cutter Expert and the Managing Director of The Cullen Group, a boutique firm offering consulting, publications, and education regarding commercial agreements, a Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and a Research Associate at the London School of Economics. She was former National Partner at Deloitte in Australia, where she ran the outsourcing consulting division and was the Global Thought Leader for outsourcing. Dr.… Read More
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