The Psychology and Politics of Technical Debt: How We Incur Technical Debt and Why Retiring It Is So Difficult

Posted March 20, 2016 | Technology | Amplify

Many long-standing problems like technical debt owe their longevity to two factors — not dealing effectively with their causes and not dealing effectively with their resilience. Because what limits our ability to deal with technical debt might be not be technical, it is useful to explore possible psychological and political sources of the longevity of the technical debt problem.

About The Author
Richard Brenner
Rick Brenner is Principal of Chaco Canyon Consulting. He works with people in dynamic problem-solving organizations who make complex products or deliver sophisticated services that need state-of-the-art teamwork and with organizations that achieve high performance by building stronger relationships among their people. Mr. Brenner focuses on improving personal and organizational effectiveness, especially in atypical situations, as in the case of… Read More
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