Real Enterprise Data Architects

Posted May 10, 2006 | Technology |

One of the reasons that it is so hard to find enterprise data architects (EDAs) these days is that most of the training on database (or data warehouse design) is focused far too much on technique and far too little on basic concepts. And since most EDAs are taken from the ranks of DBAs, database models, or data warehousing experts, that means that the folks with experience haven't learned the basics.

About The Author
Ken Orr
Ken Orr was a Fellow of the Cutter Business Technology Council and a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Data Analytics & Digital Technologies, Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies, and Business & Enterprise Architecture practices. He was also a regular speaker at Cutter Summits and symposia. Mr. Orr was an internationally recognized expert on enterprise architecture, data warehousing, knowledge management… Read More
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