Reaping the Full Benefits of LC/NC & Citizen Development

Posted April 12, 2021 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
Ronan Hughes says low-code/no-code can be viewed as a low-risk/no-regrets approach to organizational transformation. He describes how citizen development (CD) can improve IT delivery and speed strategic development and operations and then goes into detail about the opportunities CD offers to the business, IT, and combined business/IT applications.
About The Author
Ronan Hughes
Ronan Hughes is Principal Architect for Bank of Ireland, delivering new technology and solutions to customers. Previously, he served on the European Payment Council’s Scheme Management Board and was Head of European Payment Schemes for the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). He has also chaired RBS’s Euro Payments Board as a member of the UK Payments European working group and has acted as shareholder in the European Banking Association. He can be… Read More
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