(Re)Defining the Game: From Methods and Tools to Principles and Mindset

Posted July 9, 2020 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence
(Re)Defining the Game: From Methods and Tools to Principles and Mindset
Tools and methods can work in some contexts but not others. If you have your own principles and mindset, then you can adapt or create your own methods and tools to fit your context. Once we realized this, we made a mental leap from a focus on methods and tools to a focus on principles and mindset.
About The Author
Erik Schon
Hacker turned software researcher turned system engineer; manager turned leader turned navigator, Erik Schön has developed people, products, and, organizations for 20+ years in complex, global R&D environments. Recently, as one of the navigators of a large-scale Agile/Lean journey, he helped 40+ development teams become more, faster, better, and happier in a 2,000+-person product development unit in 10 locations. Currently, he heads Erlang… Read More
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