Reducing Business Complexity

Posted August 11, 2022 | Leadership |
Looking up into the complex ceiling of a byzantine cathedral
Without question, complexity is a business inhibitor and slows down the wheels of business. But to be fair, not all business complexity is on IT’s shoulders. However, reducing the complexity instantiated by IT can dramatically improve business agility. And with agility, businesses can create the foundation to win in the digital world. In this Advisor, Myles Suer shares some CIO insights on reducing this business complexity.
About The Author
Myles Suer
Myles Suer is Director of Solutions Marketing for Alation, where he aligns company offerings with the needs of data customers and industries. Previously, he was responsible for product marketing of Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform. At HP/Peregrine Systems, Mr. Suer led a product management team applying analytics and big data to IT management products. Prior to this, he held leadership positions in startups and large companies. He is the… Read More
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