Rethinking Strategic Drivers in Digital Transformations

Posted May 26, 2016 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

From the school of business, a belief emerged that the needs of business must drive technology, not the other way around. From the school of engineering, there is a belief that technology should shape the business. Naturally, the school of business typically wins. Yet speaking as digital business strategists, this is a gross oversimplification. Every organization has operational needs and line-of-business (LOB) concerns, all of which advance incrementally on decadal cycles.

About The Author
Thad Scheer
Thad Scheer is founder and chief software architect of Sphere of Influence, a Reston, Virginia, USA-based company that specializes in making software projects succeed. He can be reached by e-mail at thadscheer at
Chris Burns
Chris Burns is a Digital Business Strategist at Sphere of  Influence, where he crosses multiple public and private sector verticals. Mr. Burns is  an experienced IT technical advisor and an expert in leveraging advanced data science  teams to deliver growth. He can be reached at
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