Right Thoughts & Right Action: How to Make Agile Teamwork Effective

Posted March 18, 2022 | Leadership | Amplify
agile teamwork
The authors offer their own Agile Teamwork Effectiveness Model via five teamwork components (shared leadership, peer feedback, redundancy, adaptability, and team orientation) along with three coordinating mechanisms (shared mental models, mutual trust, and communication). They describe the three main ways their model can be useful. First, colocated teams can better understand how their team works by reflecting on how well they meet each factor in the model and by using behavioral markers to identify ways to improve. Second, it helps distributed teams, multi-teams, and teams doing safety-critical development to evaluate themselves and make improvement. Third, it’s a way for Agile teams not doing software development to better manage themselves, provided they’re doing knowledge-intensive work.
About The Author
Torgeir Dingsøyr
Torgeir Dingsøyr is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway, and an adjunct Chief Research Scientist at SimulaMet research laboratory. Dr. Dingsøyr’s research focuses on teamwork and learning in software development and Agile methods for large software projects and programs. He has been published in the areas of software engineering, information systems, and project… Read More
Diane Strode
Diane Strode is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Information Technology, Whitireia Polytechnic, New Zealand, and a research fellow at Open University, UK. She also has experience as a software developer for Mobil Oil Australia. Dr. Strode’s research centers on Agile software development and coordination. She has been published in the areas of information systems and software engineering. Dr. Strode earned a PhD from Victoria University of… Read More
Yngve Lindsjørn
Yngve Lindsjørn is an Associate Professor in the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo, Norway. He spent 10 years as a researcher at the Norwegian Computing Center and has 13 years’ industry experience as a project manager and CEO of a software company. Previously, Mr. Lindsjørn was project manager for a research project investigating teamwork in software development. His research includes software development methods and teamwork… Read More
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