Rising Complexities

Posted August 17, 2016 | | Amplify

Scientific insight, connectivity, computing, and technology have all reshaped civilization. We are officially in a Knowledge-Machine Age that is still going through its angst of childhood while its parent, the Industrial-Information Age, has withered away into senility, no longer able to guide the new child. Even the term "post-Industrial," which denotes the shift from a manufacturing to a service economy, is inadequate here. What we have facing us is the full-blown use of advanced computation driving all things in the economy: from manufacturing to all services.

About The Author
Vince Kellen
Vince Kellen is a Fellow of Cutter Consortium, a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network, and a frequent Summit speaker. He is currently CIO at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), a member of UCSD’s Chancellor's Cabinet, and Vice Chancellor and CFO of the UCSD senior management team. Dr. Kellen brings a rare combination of academic, business, and IT strategy experience to his role, with a focus on strategic… Read More
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