Risk Management: Could Risk Facilitation Be the Missing Link?

Posted July 18, 2012 | Leadership |

Organizations often spend huge amounts of money and time setting up risk processes and methods, along with supporting tools and training, which often fail to deliver the expected value. Why is this so? We believe the problem isn't in the risk processes themselves, which are usually logically correct. Rather, these investments alone do not enable great risk management practice because risk management is difficult -- it relies on getting groups of people to agree on how to manage things in the future that may or may not happen.

About The Author
Penny Pullan
Penny Pullan works with people in multinational organizations who are grappling with tricky projects and programs of change. "Tricky" usually means risky and working with virtual teams, complex requirements, and diverse stakeholders, who need to be interested, engaged, and involved. Within this context, Dr. Pullan brings order and clarity, delivering benefits at the same time as developing the individuals involved. Her facilitation skills are… Read More
Ruth Murray-Webster
Ruth Murray-Webster is an organizational change consultant, Managing Partner of Lucidus Consulting Ltd., and a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management. Her professional interests center on the competences required for individuals to manage change and the capabilities that organizations require to improve. Recently, Ms. Murray-Webster has worked extensively with a variety of large organizations, helping them achieve tangible business… Read More
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