The Role of Digital Twins in Enabling True Predictive Maintenance

Posted February 23, 2021 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
Sameer Kher starts us off with a discussion on the important topic of simulations. Simulations have been used for years in modeling and design. More recently, they have become a core aspect of digital twins, simu­lating outcomes during design phases and in using real data during operations. Kher describes the phases associated with applying simulation in digital twins as well as use of simulation in areas such as predictive maintenance. He concludes with describing how you build, validate, and deploy a simulated digital twin.
About The Author
Sameer Kher
Sameer Kher is Director, Product Development, at Ansys, where he is responsible for digital twin and system simulation activities. He has been a leader in the technology industry with over 15 years’ experience in creating successful software products. Most recently, Mr. Kher was responsible for the conception and launch of Twin Builder, an award-winning, first-of-its-kind product that enables the use of simulation in operations. He holds a… Read More
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