Executive Report

The Role of Master Data Management in the Enterprise

Posted February 28, 2006 in Data Analytics & Digital Technologies


It should come as no surprise to anyone in the IT world that old concepts often reemerge under new, more mysterious sounding titles. Navigating the world of IT is like taking a trip through a bowl of alphabet soup. But while the names and terminology may change, the core concepts usually stay the same.

About The Author
Al Moreno
Al Moreno is cofounder and coprincipal of Sinecon, a business intelligence consultancy specializing in data integration for BI/DW solution architecture design. He has more than 20 years of data warehouse and business intelligence experience and has implemented many large-scale solutions in both the US and European markets. Mr. Moreno can be reached at amoreno at sinecon-llc.com.
Greg Mancuso
Greg Mancuso is, with Al Moreno, cofounder and coprincipal of Sinecon. Prior to founding Sinecon in 2003, Mr. Mancuso was responsible for managing the DW solutions and data integration services group at Hyperion. He has been published in DM Review, is a columnist for DM Review Online, has coauthored pieces for Cutter Consortium, and speaks at industry conferences in the US and Europe. Mr. Mancuso can be reached at gmancuso at sinecon-llc.com.
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