The Role of Platforms for Digital Transformation

Posted May 22, 2019 | Leadership | Technology |
Business & Enterprise Architecture

Connecting a platform with an existing company to a platform organization is beneficial for both established companies and insurtechs. Without pursuing that ave­nue, the insurtechs face the risk that their competitiveness may decline if others can copy their digital skills at low cost. Thus, connecting their platforms with the incumbent organizations that possess hard-to-copy capabilities guarantees the uniqueness and sustainability of their own business model. The disadvantages of established companies, in comparison to insurtechs, are the reason why tradi­tional companies need platforms. Platforms require changing the culture and business logic in a company from product to service dominance, making proc­esses in relevant areas real-time capable, opening the company to the reuse and integration of solutions and services from other actors, and replacing a hierarchical culture with modern, agile, team-oriented approaches that make optimal use of the internal and external workforce.

About The Author
Markus Warg
Markus Warg is Professor of Leadership, Service Design, and Risk Management at the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel (Germany). He created the Service Dominant Architecture (SDA) and is the board chairman of SDA SE. Dr. Warg heads the Institute for Service Design, which brings together world-leading service scientists to generate valuable impulses for practice from theory. He is a former board member of various insurance companies, including… Read More
Markus Frosch
Markus Frosch is one of the most recognized experts in the German-speaking region in the fields of HR strategy, talent, and workforce management. As founder and board member of Promerit AG, he has advised many large international companies and today initiates and supports transformation projects with modern concepts in workforce design with Projekt 3T. Mr. Frosch also has experience as a speaker and lecturer at international conferences and… Read More
Peter Weiss
Peter Weiß is Professor of Digital Business at Pforzheim University (Germany). He has worked as an independent consultant and expert for various customers and institutions in the areas of digital transformation, IT strategy, and service management. Dr. Weiß was Professor of Service Management at the International Business School of Service Management (Germany), where he acted as MBA Program Director. His research focuses on digital… Read More
Andreas Zolnowski
Andreas Zolnowski is a Research Associate at the University of Hamburg, a project manager for IT strategy and digitization, and has accompanied the establishment of a joint venture. His research interests focus on service research, digitization, business models, and service innovation. Dr. Zolnowski has worked on numerous research projects and is the author of various national and international research publications. He earned a PhD in… Read More
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