Run, Build, Transform: Examining Your Business Risk

Posted July 12, 2017 | | Amplify
Peter Kaminski

Your company likely has a portfolio of existing systems, systems currently under construction, as well as future plans, including requirements to move in new directions to keep up with or surpass competitors. Software risk and its mitigation work differently for each project lifecycle bucket, so it’s worth examining how we might analyze risks and opportunities for each type.

About The Author
Peter Kaminski
Peter Kaminski is a Cutter Expert and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. He has served as technical cofounder for five Internet startups, including Socialtext, a leading provider of enterprise social software, and Yipes Communications, a pioneering provider of Ethernet WAN services. As a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Mr. Kaminski provides intelligent and experienced insight into discussions of product and service… Read More
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