Sanofi’s Move Toward Prescriptive Data Analytics

Posted April 1, 2022 | Industry | Technology | Amplify
The authors relate how the data science team at Sanofi’s Toronto, Canada, pharmaceutical manufacturing site moved from a reactive to a proactive operational mode to enhance data analytics and increase efficiency. They describe the prescriptive analytics solution they developed to significantly reduce reaction times when manufacturing issues occur. Their live data analytics engine accommodates various modeling approaches and performs additional data mining.
About The Author
Hossein Sahraei
Hossein Sahraei is Deputy Director of Process Analytics, MSAT Data Science, at Sanofi, where he leads the implementation of automated prescriptive analytics for proactive yield management across diverse vaccine manufacturing processes. With over 10 years’ experience in data analytics, Dr. Sahraei specializes in translating strategic objectives into actionable plans through data-driven solutions. He also leads technical teams, ensuring efficient… Read More
Ramila Peiris
Ramila Peiris is Head of Data Science at Sanofi, where he provides strategy and vision for data engineering, advanced modeling, and AI solutions. Dr. Peiris has an extensive background in the development and application of data science solutions and has spent over 15 years working in the pharmaceutical, water, and specialty chemicals industries. He is driven by the impact of his work, delivering practical and game-changing solutions, and… Read More
Olivier Moureau
Olivier Moureau is Head of Process Data Science and Digital Transformation, Global MSAT, at Sanofi, where he leads dynamic teams focused on leveraging data and AI for process development, optimization, monitoring, and digital transformation across Sanofi‘s entire manufacturing and supply portfolio. With a background in engineering and statistics, he brings over 18 years’ experience in data science to his role. Previously, Mr. Moureau held… Read More
Natalija Jovanovic
Natalija Jovanovic is Global Head of Digital at Sanofi Vaccines. She leads a global cross-functional team in applying a variety of digital solutions and methods toward an ambitious mission: a world in which no one suffers or dies from a vaccine-preventable disease. Dr. Jovanovic has extensive experience in delivering a wide range of digital solutions at global insurer AIG and as VP of Innovation at Brown Brothers Harriman, a global commercial… Read More
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