Seeking Insight: Diagnosing Business Acumen

Posted October 15, 2020 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies
Seeking Insight: Diagnosing Business Acumen
Business acumen requires insight about the concentric circles of the company, its industry, and broader markets to wisely consider strategy, risk, financial standing, and performance aims in all decisions. Such thinking is not possible, nor is innovation, without a fundamental understanding of a firm’s value chain, its competitive advantage, and business dynamics. Essential to such acumen is the ability to transform increasingly costless and abundant data into information that is actionable for meaningful decisions.
About The Author
Noah Barsky
Noah P. Barsky is Associate Professor at Villanova University School of Business in the executive and graduate business programs. His research and teaching focus on performance measurement, business planning, risk assessment, and contemporary financial reporting issues. Dr. Barsky develops and delivers executive education programs for various Fortune 100 companies, global professional services firms, and industry associations. He has authored… Read More
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