Set the Tone for Cultural Transformation

Posted November 8, 2018 | Leadership |

The way we do business is transforming. It’s being pushed and pulled by many factors, most notably by a younger workforce demanding new interfaces and services necessary to perform jobs their way. At the heart of every digital transformation project is an immutable pain wrapped in competing motivations: doing more, doing it faster, and avoiding missed opportunities. How can we reconcile these motivations in our day-to-day business? When we discuss the concept of “a culture transformed,” we can draw many parallels against the way a society votes and spends, but that’s out of scope. What is not out of reach is your influence over your teams and whether you can embrace the change that is upon us all. It’s up to you to set the tone of the conversation within the organization: robots aren’t here to steal our livelihoods; they’re here to make us more productive and lighten the load, right?

About The Author
Frank Khan Sullivan
Frank Khan Sullivan is the CEO of CloudStrato. His work focuses on digital transformation, IT outsourcing, and helping organizations translate cloud technology adoption into commercial and strategic value. Previously, Mr. Khan Sullivan was VP of Marketing at Strategic Blue. He has worked with leading technology companies in the software and cloud computing industry, including Microsoft, Rackspace, and OnApp over the last decade. Mr. Khan… Read More
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