A Short Intro to Design Thinking

Posted November 22, 2017 in Cutter Business Technology Journal
Caroline Heerema

A remarkable variety of process models for design thinking exists, with differences in the amount of phases, visual representations of the process, and terminology used. The various institutions and consultants that use and teach the method each have their own way of presenting it. Furthermore, many companies that implement design thinking devise their own process to fit their specific situation. Despite their apparent differences, most of the process models are very similar when it comes to their activities and tools.

About The Author
Caroline Heerema
Caroline Heerema is a former professional and national team athlete who competed in Olympic sailing classes. She is both a Dutch and Danish national. Springing from her career as a professional athlete is a drive to continuously improve performance through nontraditional approaches. After putting sailing behind her, Ms. Heerema developed a passion for creative and human-centered approaches to innovation and currently researches the application… Read More
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