Executive Update

Sizing, Structuring, and Fine-Tuning Your EA Function

Posted January 31, 2020 | Technology |

Virtually every organization in a developed part of the world critically depends on IT for running its business processes. Having a dedicated enterprise architecture function responsible for planning all organizational changes involving IT has thus became a necessity for most companies, with the exception of the smallest ones. But how should organizations design their architecture functions? How many architects do organizations need, and what specific positions should they occupy?

About The Author
Svyatoslav Kotusev
Svyatoslav Kotusev is an independent researcher, educator, and consultant. Currently, he focuses on the study of enterprise architecture (EA) practices in organizations. Dr. Kotusev is the author of The Practice of Enterprise Architecture: A Modern Approach to Business and IT Alignment, along with many articles on EA in various academic journals and conference proceedings, industry magazines, and websites. Prior to his research career, he held… Read More
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