Stop Talking Yourself Out of Agility with “Not Yet” Stories

Posted November 25, 2021 | Leadership |
Stop Talking Yourself Out of Agility with “Not Yet” Stories
Speed, productivity, quality, and engagement — the benefits of Agile — are vital to your business. Business leaders across industries strive to cultivate these essential qualities on a day-to-day basis. The sheer volume of podcasts, books, seminars, and articles centering on these elements indicate an impressive collective interest in becoming Agile. However, many leaders are slow to start the Agile journey — at least right now.
About The Author
Cheryl Crupi
Cheryl Crupi is the founder and principle of Crupi & Co., LLC, and an internationally recognized speaker, author and executive coach specializing in Lean-Agile change leadership. Cheryl is passionate about achieving the benefits of Agility, starting with the building blocks of team Agility, to the full span of enterprise business Agility. In over a decade as an enterprise Agile change champion in Fortune 500 companies, she has successfully… Read More
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