Study Shines Light on Business Architect Strengths

Posted April 26, 2021 in Cutter Business Technology Journal

In order to bring a bit of science into the mix to help us understand why we view business architects as gifted in certain areas, along with why we see common challenges, I initiated the global “Business Architect Strengths Study,” a first-of-its-kind. The study was a primary research effort conducted by me and Pete Cafarchio, a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation as well as a Gallup Certified Strengths Champion.

About The Author
Whynde Kuehn
Whynde Kuehn is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium’s Business & Enterprise Architecture practice and Managing Director of S2E Transformation Inc. She is also Partner at Business Architecture Associates and was selected as an Institute Fellow at the Institute for Digital Transformation. Ms. Kuehn is passionate about bridging the gap between strategy and execution. She is a long-time business architecture practitioner, educator, and … Read More
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