Sustainability & Technology: Building Innovative Solutions — An Introduction

Posted November 17, 2021 | Sustainability | Technology | Amplify
Deishin Lee
Technology — artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), in particular — shows enormous promise in tackling the complexity inherent in sustainability problems. However, technology itself can leave its own environmental footprint. This issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal explores the challenge of leveraging technology to move us toward a more sustainable future, while mitigating its own impact.
About The Author
Deishin Lee
Deishin Lee is Associate Professor of Operations Management and Sustainability at Ivey Business School, Canada, and a Cutter Consortium Fellow. She focuses on innovative operational and supply chain models that use raw material resources more effectively to reduce waste and improve environmental sustainability. Ms. Lee has studied the optimization of joint production operations of firms that sell their waste streams and food supply chain… Read More
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