Sustainable Growth Pathway: Aligning with Macro, Accomplishing in Micro

Posted May 23, 2022 | Sustainability | Leadership | Amplify
Sustain path
Himanshu Shekhar suggests a framework of “aligning with macro and accomplishing in micro” for controlled and sustainable future growth. Many businesses operate on the assumption that resources like clean air, water, and predictable weather are freely provided by nature. However, the planetary boundaries framework vividly shows that natural systems are limited in their capacity to provide these natural resources and ecosystem services. The combined impact of business activity is exceeding the limits on many of these systems. Businesses must update their assumptions about what nature provides “for free” and act to address growing scarcity concerns.
About The Author
Himanshu Shekhar
Himanshu Shekhar is a PhD candidate at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India. His research interests focus on understanding corporate decision making on sustainability and climate change. Prior to academia, Mr. Shekhar spent about 10 years working in software, sustainable finance, carbon management, and public policy. Over the years, he has developed corporate strategies on renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainability, and… Read More
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