Executive Update

The Synthetic Data Paradigm for Using and Sharing Data

Posted May 6, 2019 | Technology |

Synthetic data provides a privacy protective mechanism to broadly use and share data for secondary purposes. Using and sharing data for secondary purposes can facilitate innovative big data initiatives and partnerships to develop novel analytics solutions. This Executive Update provides an overview of the use cases for synthetic data, how to generate synthetic data, and some legal considerations associated with synthetic data’s use.

About The Author
Khaled Emam
Khaled El Emam is Professor at the University of Ottawa, Canada, Faculty of Medicine, where he previously held the position of Canada Research Chair in Electronic Health Information. He is also founder, President, and CEO of Privacy Analytics Inc. As an entrepreneur, Dr. El Emam has founded or cofounded five companies involved with data management and data analytics over the last two decades. He has worked in technical and management positions… Read More
Richard Hoptroff
Richard Hoptroff is a long-time technology inventor, investor, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Hoptroff London, a timing synchronization service provider. Dr. Hoptroff has leveraged his expertise in timing technology and software to develop a hyperaccurate, synchronized timestamping solution for the financial services sector, based on a unique combination of grandmaster atomic clock engineering and proprietary software. In 2013, he… Read More
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