Executive Update

Taking the Lead in Corporate DEI: Strategies for Thought Leaders

Posted May 18, 2022 | Leadership |
Companies continue to explore DEI and implement initiatives to create a culture of acceptance and understanding, while carrying out their missions and remaining profitable. But building an effective DEI strategy calls for a new mindset among business leaders if current and future initiatives are going to succeed. This Executive Update offers four “mini-starters” to explore the DEI issue in more depth.
About The Author
Benjamin Duke
Benjamin Duke has research interests in active pedagogy, aging demography, criticality, curriculum design, European Green Deal, Europeanisation, experiential learning, gender equality, global social policy, higher education, international development, LGBTIQA++ issues, political science, squatter’s social movements, and sustainable business. Dr. Duke currently works or has worked in research positions for University College London (UCL), UK; the… Read More
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