Executive Update

Team Collaboration for Senior Leadership

Posted March 14, 2006 | Leadership |

Coming into the restaurant at the conference, Ray spotted a table of old friends waving him over to join them.

"Congratulations on your promotion, Ray! Your company is lucky to have you as its CIO," Fran said. "What's your plan?"

About The Author
Diana Larsen
Deeply in tune with how work teams adapt, develop, and perform, Diana Larsen works with organizations worldwide to design high-performance work systems, improve project team effectiveness, and support leaders and enterprises in their transitions to Agile methods. Ms. Larsen is cofounder of FutureWorks Consulting LLC and is considered an authority in Agile software development, team leadership, and Agile adoption. Drawing on her 20-plus years… Read More
Pollyanna Pixton
An international collaborative leadership expert, Pollyanna Pixton developed models for collaboration and collaborative leadership through her over 40 years of working inside and consulting with corporations and organizations. She helps companies create workplaces where talent and innovation are unleashed -- making them more productive, efficient, and profitable. Ms. Pixton is a founding partner of Accelinnova, a consulting firm for leaders… Read More
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