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Teamwork Required: Managing Agile Application Delivery in a Matrix Organization

Posted October 16, 2011 | Leadership |

The collection of development techniques and work management practices commonly referred to as agile methods has evolved rapidly over the past decade to the point where it is difficult to find any sizable IT organization that doesn't make claim to some sort of agile initiative. Mainstream management thinkers1 have begun to take notice and to hold up agile practices as a model of self-organization for the 21st century.

About The Author
Adam Light
Adam Light is the Founder of SoTech Advisors, where he helps technology leaders apply Lean and Agile methods to increase productivity, deliver customer value sooner, and improve the lives of their employees. Mr. Light has more than 20 years of technology experience. He began his career as an application developer before becoming a manager of projects and people. Mr. Light first experienced the power of Lean and Agile methods by leading an Agile… Read More
Chris Vike
Diana Larsen
Deeply in tune with how work teams adapt, develop, and perform, Diana Larsen works with organizations worldwide to design high-performance work systems, improve project team effectiveness, and support leaders and enterprises in their transitions to Agile methods. Ms. Larsen is cofounder of FutureWorks Consulting LLC and is considered an authority in Agile software development, team leadership, and Agile adoption. Drawing on her 20-plus years… Read More
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