Tech Project Success & Failure: Lessons from the C-Suite

Posted August 25, 2021 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
Ralph Menzano takes us directly into the C-suite through a series of discussions he had with CIOs and other executives about why so many damn technology projects fail. His article probes some of the causes of failure often ignored by the research community.
About The Author
Ralph Menzano
Ralph Menzano is CEO of ARKS GROUP LLC, established in 2021, where he helps people and businesses in a “sea of trouble.” His areas of focus include aviation, roadway, maritime, rail and bus organizations, and various other industries. Mr. Menzano’s past positions include Executive Director, Global Transportation Industry Solutions, Oracle Corporation; Transportation Domain Leader, KPMG; and VP/CIO at JPMorgan Chase Bank, General Motors, Saint… Read More
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