Time After Time

Posted September 28, 2006 | Leadership |

"Time after time" goes the song by Cyndi Lauper. Scheduled time has been a pervasive theme in software development projects and, in fact, for all projects. But what time are we really talking about? What defines late? Is time the most important control measure? This Advisor will explore three distinctly different "time" perspectives: planned versus actual, elapsed, and schedule performance. Each of these places a different perspective on "time." So our song might be "time after time after time."

About The Author
Jim Highsmith
Jim Highsmith is a Cutter Consortium Fellow Emeritus. Jim was the founding Director of Cutter's Agile Product & Project Management practice, and received the 2005 Stevens Award in recognition of his work in adaptive software development and agile processes. Mr. Highsmith has 30-plus years experience as an IT manager, product manager, project manager, consultant, and software developer. He has consulted with IT and product development… Read More
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