Timing Is Everything: Accruing Transitional Capital for Transformation

Posted November 23, 2017 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

Effective CIOs must demonstrate both operational and strategic leadership. Although it is unclear how and when CIOs make the transition from operational to strategic leadership, we argue that the transition depends on the accumulation of transitional capital. Timing and sequencing of CIO actions are critical to the accumulation of this transitional capital. Thus, strategic CIO leadership is earned and is contingent upon actions of the CIO in building operational excellence and social capital, sequencing and kairotic timing of these actions to accumulate transitional capital, and achieving acceptance by the top management team.

About The Author
Richard Watson
Richard Watson is the J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy in the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia (USA). He has published more than 150 journal articles, written books on e-commerce and data management, and given invited presentations in more than 30 countries. Dr. Watson's most recent research focuses on energy informatics and IS leadership. He is a consulting editor for John Wiley & Sons, former… Read More
Elena Karahanna
Elena Karahanna Elena Karahanna is a Senior Consultant with Cutter's Business Technology Strategies practice. She is Professor of MIS at the Terry College of Business, University of Georgia (UGA). Dr. Karahanna’s expertise focuses on IT implementation and acceptance; the role and effectiveness of CIOs in organizations; healthcare informatics, especially telehealth; and IT-related cross-cultural issues. Prior to joining UGA, she was on the… Read More
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