The Top Three Cloud Challenges for 2017

Posted February 2, 2017 | Leadership |
James Mitchell
Frank Kahn Sullivan

If you are spending US $50,000+ per month on public cloud, you have likely reached the penultimate rung of cloud torment — a journey from the Plains of Forecasting to the Gates of Commitment — and certainly you want to pass through the Undercroft of Budgetary Responsibility as unscathed as possible. Even those organizations that have been in and around the cloud for some time will need to go deeper to understand how to address challenges to their cloud buyer strategy. What’s around the corner for some CIOs is already a reality for those organizations in the throes of digital revitalization.

About The Author
James Mitchell
Dr. James Mitchell is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network; CEO of Strategic Blue, a financial cloud brokerage firm offering for cloud computing, services more commonly seen in the commoditized energy markets. For the past five years, Dr. Mitchell has been pioneering various cloud brokerage concepts that are now gaining widespread acceptance and adoption based on his background… Read More
Frank Khan Sullivan
Frank Khan Sullivan is the CEO of CloudStrato. His work focuses on digital transformation, IT outsourcing, and helping organizations translate cloud technology adoption into commercial and strategic value. Previously, Mr. Khan Sullivan was VP of Marketing at Strategic Blue. He has worked with leading technology companies in the software and cloud computing industry, including Microsoft, Rackspace, and OnApp over the last decade. Mr. Khan… Read More
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