Toward Balance in a Governing Architecture

Posted March 6, 2019 in Business & Enterprise Architecture

When approaching an architecture representation, a key point is its decomposition into elements, usually leading to a containment-based representation structure. We might then navigate the architecture along the “containing” relations (for example, whenever a link is labeled as “part of” or “implements,” it is a “containing relation” by nature), or using predefined viewpoints. To reach the ideal balance in governing architecture, the challenge is to harmonize the intentional and the emergent architectures.

About The Author
Miklós Jánoska
Miklós Jánoska is Director of Technology Solutions at EPAM Systems, based in Hungary. Building on a programmer mathematician past, his main interest is to find novel solutions to complex problems forging deep, hands-on experience with two decades of broad IT expertise. Mr. Jánoska helps companies reach synergies and resolve tension between the rapidly changing modern industry and the traditionally structured approaches, let it be delivery,… Read More
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