Toward Good Open Data Governance

Posted October 3, 2018 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify

This article describes what good governance means for public sector institutions that are embracing open data initiatives. While these organizations make data accessible to increase government transparency and promote economic empowerment, they face addi­tional responsibilities in terms of data quality, privacy compliance, security, and more.

About The Author
Yves Vanderbeken
Yves Vanderbeken is Chief Technologist (aka CTO) for DXC Technology, Belgium. He focuses on delivering innovative approaches to digital services transformation. Mr. Vanderbeken helps clients identify benefits from introducing new technologies based on the adoption of new digital strategies. He has a keen interest in information usage and innovation. Mr. Vanderbeken is a core team member of the Flemish Government’s Open Data team. He has defined… Read More
Tim Huygh
Tim Huygh is a PhD candidate in IT governance at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. His research interests include IT governance and management and business/IT alignment. Mr. Huygh has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business engineering/IS management from the University of Antwerp and a master’s degree in advanced business studies from the University of Leuven, Belgium. He can be reached at
Anant Joshi
Anant Joshi is Assistant Professor of Information Management at Maastricht University's School of Business and Economics, the Netherlands, and a visiting scholar at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp Management School, Belgium. His research interests include corporate governance of IT, business value of IT, and general corporate governance. Dr. Joshi coordinates and teaches a range of courses in the area of management information systems. He… Read More
Steven De Haes
Steven De Haes is Full Professor of Information Systems Management at the University of Antwerp and, as of September 2018, Dean of the Antwerp Management School, Belgium. He is actively engaged in applied research in digital strategies, IT governance and management, IT strategy and alignment, IT value and performance management, IT assurance and audit, and information risk and security. Dr. De Haes acts as Academic Director for this research… Read More
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