Transformation in an Enterprise: A Case Study

Posted April 30, 2010 in


For most IT practitioners, business processes are the cornerstone of their approach to delivering effective business results, such as improved customer satisfaction, increased productivity levels, and enhanced profit margins. Since achieving these results requires exerting substantial effort, practitioners and their business organizations strive for consistent, continuous, and incremental improvement of their critical business processes.

About The Author
Tushar Hazra
Tushar Hazra is an Executive Enterprise Architect with over 22 years’ experience in various areas of architecture development, implementation, governance, risk management, and compliance. Dr. Hazra is a successful and recognized thought leader and an expert in delivering enterprise-level business solutions, strategy, blueprints, and roadmaps; strategic planning; and implementing effective enterprise architecture for digital transformation. He… Read More
Tushar Pillar
Robert Pillar
Robert Pillar is a process evangelist, mentor, educator, entrepreneur, and senior consultant. He is actively involved in strategic direction formulation, process development adaptation, and deployment management. While specializing in process integration and software engineering capability at Rational Software Corporation, he worked with numerous organizations in both a technical and business-centric capacity to align strategic business and… Read More
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