Transforming Banks Through AI

Posted March 22, 2018 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
Digital adopters of AI

Hemamalini Kumaran, Prema Sankaran, and Raj Gururajan discuss how AI is transforming the banking sector. They outline how Indian and US banks are using AI to gain significant benefits and offer an enhanced customer experience. The authors examine the key drivers that inspire banks to embrace AI, the challenges involved in implementing it, and what needs to be considered in applying AI to best serve customers.

About The Author
Hema Kumaran
Hemamalini Kumaran is a Marketing and Communications Manager at A1PlusSoft Private Limited, India. She has more than 10 years’ experience in technical IT communications. Dr. Kumaran has worked with clients in Switzerland documenting API guides and at Fidelity in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, for its HR management system. Her contributions to research are in the areas of consumer attitudes toward online shopping, market research, e-commerce, and… Read More
Prema Sankaran
Prema Sankaran is a Professor of Management at the Firebird Institute of Research, India. With a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry, she is highly skilled in health informatics, portfolio management, business development, adminis­tration, and stock market guidance. Dr. Sankaran received a PhD in management from Bharathiar University, India, focused on finance and financial services. She can be reached at… Read More
Raj Gururajan
Raj Gururajan is a Professor of Information Systems at the School of Management and Enterprise, University of So­­­uthern Queensland, Australia. He has spent more than three decades in teaching and research, including 15 years of PhD supervisory experience. Dr. Gururajan currently teaches courses on global IT, big data visuali­zation, and digital i­­­nnovation. His research interests are in the areas of health information systems, nutrition and… Read More
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