Trust: Is IT the Problem or the Solution? — An Introduction

Posted June 10, 2020 | Technology | Amplify
trust intro
As we fight through current issues and eventually come out on the other side to whatever will be the “new normal,” a word has increasingly made its way into the daily discourse of business and technology leaders, as well as of politicians (at least those who know how to spell it): trustworthiness. Some things are noticed only when we miss them; trustworthiness is one of those. It is interesting to delve into how we got to this situation; the role that information technology has been playing in the erosion of trustworthiness; and how it, like many double-edged tools, might help solve the very problems it has helped create.
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Claude Baudoin
Claude Baudoin is a Cutter Expert and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. He is a proven leader and visionary in IT and knowledge management (KM) with extensive experience working in a global environment. Mr. Baudoin has 35 years' experience and is passionate about quality, knowledge sharing, and providing honest and complete advice. There is today a convergence of knowledge management, the use of social networks in… Read More
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