Turning the Next Generation on Its Head: Inspired Innovation

Posted February 4, 2010 | Leadership | Leadership |

Innovation in high-tech industries is often driven by technology roadmaps, through cycles of technological substitutions: 1G (TACS) is substituted by 2G (GSM), which is substituted by 3G, and then 4G/WiMAX; 130 nm CMOS is substituted by 90 nm CMOS, which is substituted by 65 nm CMOS; Application 1.0 is substituted by Application 2.0, which is substituted by 3.0; and so on.

About The Author
Roberto Verganti is Professor of Management of Innovation, Politecnico di Milano, Italy and Visiting Scholar in the Technology and Operations Management unit at the Harvard Business School, where he was also Fulbright Visiting Scholar in 1997-1998. His research explores the management of innovation, with a special focus on innovation driven by design and innovation in rapidly moving environments. Roberto Verganti has published more than 100… Read More
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