Understanding Data with the DVM

Posted June 13, 2018 in Cutter Business Technology Journal
Data map

Here, we present the Data Value Map (DVM), a discursive template that facilitates the development of a shared understanding around data. The template helps enable open conver­sations and a co-construction of understanding between the parties involved, which can promote a value-driven approach to data projects.

About The Author
Tadhg Nagle
Tadhg Nagle is a researcher/lecturer in the Department of Accountancy Finance and Information Systems at University College Cork, Ireland. He is also Co-Director of Ireland's first executive program in data business at the Irish Management Institute. With a background in finance services, Dr. Nagle became a Business Analyst Lab Leader at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute, from which he holds a PhD. Focusing on emerging technologies,… Read More
David Sammon
David Sammon is a researcher/lecturer in business information systems at University College Cork, Ireland. He is also Co-Director of Ireland's first executive program in data business at the Irish Management Institute. Dr. Sammon's current research interests focus on the areas of conceptual data modeling, master data/information management, theory and theory building, and redesigning organizational routines through mindfulness. He has published… Read More
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